4.4. Logging#

Important events that occur in the system are logged locally using the Syslog protocol.

The following commands are available to configure operational logging:

log syslog [<emergencies|alerts|critical|errors|warnings|notifications|informational|debugging>]#

Set the level of logged events. This command affects subsystems related to routing and traffic processing. Logging of other operating system modules is always enabled. When using the command without specifying the level, the debugging level is used.

log facility [<kern|user|mail|daemon|auth|syslog|lpr|news|uucp|cron|local0|local1|local2|local3|local4|local5|local6|local7>]#

Set the facility of the syslog events. See RFC 5424 for reference. The default is daemon.

log server <tcp|udp> A.B.C.D (1-65535)#

This command allows you to enable additional sending of operational logs to an external Syslog server.

show logging#

Show logged events.