4.3. Time Configuration#

4.3.1. Local Clock Configuration#

clock time (0-23) (0-59) (0-59) (1-31) (1-12) (1971-2099)#

Set the current system time. This command is not available when using NTP.

clock timezone TIMEZONE#

Set the system time zone. The list of time zones available for setting can be obtained by entering the question mark: clock timezone ?. The default time zone is UTC.

show clock#

Show current system time.

4.3.2. NTP Configuration#

service ntp enable#

Enable NTP. If NTP is enabled, but no NTP server is configured, the pool.ntp.org server is used by default.

service ntp server <HOSTNAME|A.B.C.D>#

Add an NTP server.

show ntp#

Check time synchronization status via NTP.