9.10. Port Control Protocol#

PCP allows the subscriber to request NAT to open external ports without initializing connection. This can be useful if the subscriber wants to provide access to an internal resource, but there is no way to provide him with a permanent external IP address.

PCP is implemented in accordance with RFC 6887.

9.10.1. Configuration#

<nat|nat64> pcp enable [vrf NAME]#

Enable PCP. By default, PCP is disabled.

<nat|nat64> pcp map disable [vrf NAME]#

Disable MAP messages processing. By default, MAP messages processing is enabled.

<nat|nat64> pcp peer disable [vrf NAME]#

Disable PEER messages processing. By default, PEER messages processing is enabled.

<nat|nat64> pcp third-party enable [vrf NAME]#

Enable THIRD_PARTY option support. By default, this option is disabled.