10.1. SNMP#

10.1.1. Configuration#

service snmp enable#

Enable the SNMP protocol support.

service snmp community COMMUNITY#

Add a read-only community for SNMP requests.

service snmp host A.B.C.D COMMUNITY (1-65535)#

Add an SNMP traps recipient.

10.1.2. Supported MIBs#

The following standard MIBs are supported:

IF-MIB according to the RFC 2863.

NATV2-MIB according to the RFC 7659.

The following NFWare MIBs are supported:

NFWARE-SMI-MIB for the structure of management information.

NFWARE-NATV2-MIB for extenstions to the standard NATV2-MIB.

NFWARE-RESOURCES-MIB for monitoring various system resources like CPU and memory.

NFWARE-CP-MIB for monitoring software version number.