1.2. First Access#

After the first startup of the virtual machine you can access it only through the console.

To do this, you can use a virt-manager GUI application or a virsh command-line utility. For example, if you created a virtual machine named nfware-vcgnat, then you can use the following command to access its console:

# virsh console nfware-vcgnat

Connected to domain nfware-vcgnat
Escape character is ^]

nfware login:

Use the default username and password admin to log in.

For more convenient management of the virtual machine, it is recommended to configure network access to the management interface and activate SSH access.

To set up the management interface you need to:

  • Enter the configuration mode:

    nfware# configure terminal
  • Enter the configuration mode of the management interface:

    nfware(config)# interface management
  • Set the IP address and a default gateway, for example:

    nfware(config-management)# ip address
    nfware(config-management)# ip default-gateway
    nfware(config-management)# exit

To enable the SSH protocol support, run the command:

nfware(config)# service ssh enable

Do not forget to save the changes by running the command:

nfware(config)# do write

After completing these steps, you will be able to connect to the system remotely and proceed to further configuration. You can exit the console by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + ].