13. How To#

13.1. How To Make vCGNAT Update#

  1. Copy file to the VM:

local# scp vCGNAT_UPDATE.tar.gz admin@vCGNAT_MANAGEMENT_IP:


  • vCGNAT_MANAGEMENT_IP is the IP address assigned to the management interface of the virtual machine.

  • vCGNAT_UPDATE.tar.gz is the name of the archive with updates. The archive is provided by us.

  1. To install, run the command on the vCGNAT:

nfware# unpack /home/admin/vCGNAT_UPDATE.tar.gz
  1. Restart the vCGNAT:

nfware# reboot

13.2. How To Renew License#

If you want to renew your license due to the end of the expiration date, follow the steps below. Note that you do not need to restart the VM in this case.

  1. Obtain the ID of the virtual machine installed, and tell it to your manager:

nfware# show license host-id
  1. In return, you will receive a license file. Upload it to the VM:

local# scp 03196D973B6D24649CB55F18804652B8.license admin@vCGNAT_MANAGEMENT_IP:
  1. Before using the obtained license file, it is recommended to check its parameters:

nfware# show license limits /home/admin/03196D973B6D24649CB55F18804652B8.license
  1. Apply the license file:

nfware# license file /home/admin/03196D973B6D24649CB55F18804652B8.license
  1. No need to restart


If the license parameters, like the date of expiration or limits, are changed, a reboot of the vCGNAT is required.

13.3. How To Change Platform Limits#

  1. Check the license limits:

nfware# show license limits
  1. You can check some current platform limits (like nb_cmd, nb_rxtx, nb_work, nb_log, max_subscribers, max_sessions, and etc.) as follows:

nfware# show platform settings
  1. If new limits you want to set are outside of the license limits, then perform the steps above to get new license. After this, go to the step 4. Also, go to the step 4 if new limits are not outside the license ones.

  2. Change the vCGNAT limits according to Platform Configuration section.

  3. Restart the vCGNAT:

nfware# reboot

13.4. How To Get Debug Report#

  1. Exclude the command debug report:

nfware# debug report
Generating file with static information
Generating first file with dynamic information
Waiting 5 seconds
Generating second file with dynamic information
Generating archive with reports
Success! Report file nfware-debug-report-2023-10-17_11-19-28.tar.gz
  1. It will generate a nfware-debug-report file, which can be downloaded via scp.

localhost# scp admin@MANAGEMENT_IP:/home/admin/nfware-debug-report-2023-10-17_11-19-28.tar.gz .