3.1. CLI Access#

By default, the command prompt is available through the console only.

To access the command prompt, you can use a virt-manager GUI application or a virsh command-line utility. For example, if you created a virtual machine named nfware-vcgnat, then you can use the following command to access its console:

# virsh console nfware-vcgnat

Connected to domain nfware-vcgnat
Escape character is ^]

nfware login:

Use the following set of commands to enable access to a command prompt via the SSH protocol:

nfware# configure terminal
nfware(config)# service ssh enable

Use the following commands to manage command prompt parameters:

service ssh enable#

Enable access to the command prompt via the SSH protocol.

show cli sessions#

List active user connections to the command prompt.

clear cli sessions (1-4294967295)#

Terminate user connection to the command prompt.