12.8. Release 6.2.0#

12.8.1. New Features#

  • Added stateless mode for NAT pools. In this mode, NAT doesn’t track state for TCP sessions. It allows to use two instances in active-active mode with duplicate static NAT rules on both vCGNATs.

  • Added TCP FIN-WAIT timeout

  • Added search by prefix to “show/clear nat sessions” command

  • Added support for displaying SFF-8436 and SFF-8636 transceiver information

  • Added AAA advanced local mode

12.8.2. Changes#

  • Allowed NAT session creation in case of disabled inbound-refresh behavior

  • Delete subscribers without timeout after receiving RADIUS Accounting Stop message

  • Improve performance in route installation to FIB

  • Do not write sensitive input to history file

12.8.3. Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed resend timeout in NAT log flow

  • Fixed reading startup-config with loopbacks

  • Fixed NAT log group removal. Now, when a NAT log group is removed, all other settings related to this group will be removed too

  • Fixed the inability to create a custom syslog format for NAT logs if RADIUS Accounting messages are disabled, even if no fields from these messages are used

  • Fixed pci_buffer_overflow counter for VLAN and BOND interfaces

  • Fixed sending gratuitous ARP requests to Linux kernel. After processing these packets in our Data Plane, they are sent to the Linux kernel, so it also recognizes a new MAC address

  • Fixed deletion of subscriber with activated timer

  • Fixed processing empty enable password