12.6. Release 6.0.0#

12.6.1. New Features#

  • Added pcap dumping of filtered packets and new debug subsystem for packets tracking. Now it is possible to trace packets from/to the subscribers using ACL that will help to see which vCGNAT systems a custom packet has passed through

  • Added new statistics for tables: natv2XPoolTable, natv2XProtocolTable and natv2XInstanceTable. New counters for natv2XInstanceTable are:

    • natv2InstanceNoFreePortDrops

    • natv2InstancePortMapSubscriberLimitDrops

    • natv2InstanceNoFreeBlockDrops

    • natv2InstancePortBlockSubscriberLimitDrops

  • Added ability to pass license as base64-encoded string

  • Added nat log groups and basic nat log balancing

  • Added flow label and dscp filtering in ACL

  • Added wait queues for packets and support for RDNSS in RA for Neighbor discovery subsystem

  • Allowed transparent forwarding of hairpinning packets

  • Splited Port Map Failure Drops counter

  • Added Port Blocks counter for external IP address

12.6.2. Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed command no nat log group

  • Fixed changing netflow/ipfix template-resend-timeout

  • Fixed passthrough action in ACL

  • Fixed crash adding deterministic rule

  • Fixed crash at pool enable

  • Fixed TCP sessions state machine

  • Fixed sending sync packets

  • Fixed stack smashing in mlx5_xstats_get

  • Fixed Mellanox NICs configuration

  • Fixed error processing on hugepages allocation

  • Fixed getting hugepages-2048kB information

12.6.3. Updates#

  • Updated FRR to 8.4.3 version

  • Updated cli to 8.4.3 version. Now it checks if the IP address is used in the interface configuration and prevents configuration of the overlapped IP networks inside VRF