4.3. Time Configuration

4.3.1. Local Clock Configuration

clock time (0-23) (0-59) (0-59) (1-31) (1-12) (1971-2099)

Set the current system time. This command is not available when using NTP.

clock timezone TIMEZONE

Set the system time zone. The list of time zones available for setting can be obtained by entering the question mark: clock timezone ?. The default time zone is UTC.

show clock

Show current system time.

4.3.2. NTP Configuration

service ntp enable

Enable NTP. If NTP is enabled, but no NTP server is configured, the pool.ntp.org server is used by default.

service ntp server <HOSTNAME|A.B.C.D>

Add an NTP server.

show ntp

Check time synchronization status via NTP.